Organic Beekeeping


Queens 20$

When I started beekeeping, I ordered queens from all over the USA. I selected the best queens from those hives that have been treatment free for 2 years. I then raised Queens and drones from the best hives. The bees range in color but are mostly a dark color. They are a mixture of Carniolan, Italian, Buckfast, Minnesota Hygienic and Russian.

 Nucs 100$

Bee Depot Queens with 3 frames of brood of all ages, 1 frame of honey/pollen mix and a empty frame to draw out.

Queen Cells 7$

Queen cells are a great way to start a nuc. It give your hive a chance to break the mite cycle while your queen is getting mated. I have found queen cells are accepted by hive better than a caged queen. Once the queen hatches she will mate with drones local to your area and give the workers traits from hives in your area.